art piece on multiple wooden slats with pink hues
painting of a woman jumping off a ledge into the water
two abstract paintings hanging on a brick wall

The Future of Art is Female


As one of America’s most up-and-coming cities, Chattanooga is experiencing a creative renaissance. And at the forefront of the movement are female artists, bringing their individual talents to make Scenic City, even more so. Inspired by their work, we’ve offered our hotel to be a canvas for a collection of exclusively female artists, each with their own story to tell.

Hollie Chastain

Hollie Chastain is a local mixed media artist and award-winning illustrator. Her collection, seen throughout our guest rooms, consists of four colorful pieces made from gouache painting and clipped vintage magazines and ephemera. Combining her background in graphic design and studio art, Chastain uses playful images and colors to tell Chattanooga’s unique story, highlighting the city’s dramatic geography of mountains and streams.

art piece of a mint color with a layered triangle that has another painting inside of it
abstract orange artpiece with a blue circle
yellow painting with a circle with the woods painted in the middle and a figure squatting to take a picture of the painting

Alecia Buckles & Briah Gober

In a colorful collaboration, Chattanooga artists Buckles and Gober created a large-scale mural that explores diversity and belonging through a kaleidoscope of color and shape. Inspired by the artistic process of putting together Kinley Chattanooga’s art collection, Buckles and Gober leaned into the idea of stitching various fabrics together to create something unique. That is exactly what the Chattanooga community is and what you'll find when you look at the details of the mural. 

neon colors in an abstract pattern

Amber Droste

Amber Droste, a local abstract paint artist and stained glass artisan, uses her diverse arts education to create detailed, densely layered abstract works in pencil and paint. Her current body of work, exhibited around our front desk, began in 2016 amidst what she viewed as a societal shift in America. Through repeated forms, lines, and colors, Droste presents an abundant visual while continually searching for a semblance of beauty and order. 

painting with abstract colors and shapes

Anna Carll

A formally trained artist and Chattanooga local, Carll’s abstract work is based on the concept of erosion and explores the cycle of life through the use of repurposed materials. The Magnolia Story, a 6-by-11-foot weaving exhibited in our lobby and coffee bar, is made from acrylics, alcohol inks, and Irish linen waxed thread on watercolor paper. Inspired by Carll’s own 70-foot magnolia tree, she paints and weaves a vibrant image of magnolia pods that drop from the tree after dispersing bright red seeds like red rain.

colorful painting with peach on top and dark blues at the bottom